Nutrition Bingo


Who doesn’t enjoy a game of BINGO? And better yet, a game where the prize is a bag filled with the recipe and all the ingredients to make a healthy meal.

Each prize bag has all the ingredients for a healthy meal.

Each prize bag has all the ingredients for a healthy meal.

One afternoon a month Nutrition Bingo is attended by an eager crowd. The game, based on the Canada Food Guide, provides education about healthy food. Leadership, along with the prize bags, comes from a sponsoring congregation. Roger, one of our regular community volunteers, trains and assists the volunteers from the congregation.

Food security is a serious issue among folks in our neighbourhood. With housing costs so high, there is not enough money left to buy sufficient food to maintain a diet rich in protein and fresh fruits and vegetables. People must resort to hand outs, which help, but have little in the way of dignity.

BINGO is not a substitute for an adequate income, but winning at Nutrition BINGO is not the same as lining up for a hand out. There is dignity, even pride, in being a “winner”.

See the Calendar for upcoming dates.  For the 2016-2017 Poster, click here.

Contact us if you would like to sponsor a Nutrition Bingo.

For Congregations

Thanks for your partnership. This is an important program to our ministry and you make it possible.

You are asked to supply 20 bags, each with the ingredients to make a recipe for 4 to 6 people. You can pick a recipe from the list below, or use one of your own. Please include a copy of the recipe in each bag. Optional is to include 1 litre of 100% fruit juice and 4-6 pieces of fruit in the bag, rounding out the nutrition in the meal.

Nutrition Bingo is held Thursdays at 2:00 pm. Please call ahead before delivering you bags to ensure someone is here to receive them. If your recipe includes perishables we can store them in our fridge. Our preference is that you deliver the packages as close to Thursday as possible.

Many congregations arrange for volunteers to come and call the Bingo. We really like when this can happen, as it makes a good connection between the supporting congregation and the folks in the ministry. If you are not able to find a volunteer, please let us know.

Volunteers at the ministry set up the room and manage the distribution of the cards. Everyone has a good time.

If the cost of the ingredients is a concern, please contact us.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or e-mail.  (Download Nutrition Bingo How To)

2016-2017 Schedule

Sept 15 Headingley Tuna Supreme
Oct 20 St. Mary Charleswood  Vegetarian Burritos
Nov 17 St. Paul’s  Tuna & Veggie Pita Wrap
Jan 19 St. Peter’s  Tuna Fettucine Alfredo
Feb 16 Sturgeon Creek Chicken and Pasta
March 16 St. Mary Magdalene Chicken and Pasta
April 20 Crestview Chicken and Pineapple
May 18 Kirkfield Park Chicken and Pineapple
June 15 Charleswood UC  Lentil Spaghetti



Vegetarian Burritos

Tuna Supreme

Rice Stove Top Casserole

Potato and Salmon Casserole

Magnificent Vegetarian Chili

Tuna Fettuccine Alfredo

Lentil Spaghetti

Lentil Barley Stew

Chunky Minestrone Soup

Chicken and Pasta

Chicken and Pineapple with Rice

Black Bean Soup

White Bean Soup