Wish List


Thanks for the AMAZING support for our program and emergency cupboard supplies.  We express our thanks to all those who contribute and transport.

What should we donate? Sometimes when people want to donate food they ask, “What would you like to get?”.  One reply to that is, “As much as your money will buy.”  Please  purchase what is a good deal.  A large quantity of something on sale, is better than a small amount of a full priced item.  Don’t be afraid to ask your local food store manager to sell you the food at cost.  Smaller retailers are often open to this request.

We need supplies to assist with our programs, such as our Parenting Programs and Sharing Circle, for the Drop-in where we feed about 70 people a day,  and for our emergency food program.  The following are guidelines, please don’t hesitate to be in touch for more detail or if you have questions.  We strongly advise you to check our calendar before coming our way to make sure we are open, or call ahead so that your donation can be received.

What about perishables?  We welcome fresh food such as fruit and vegetables, dairy (including milk) and meat, both for the drop in sandwiches and for making soup.   These are things many in our community lack in their diet.  Our capacity to store these items is limited so we ask you to call ahead.

We are unable to accept food leftover from an event (such as a tray of sandwiches) due to health regulations.  We can accept food made specifically for us, as long as you can verify that it has received proper food handling from the time it was prepared to its delivery.

What we do not accept.  We do not accept used clothing and household items.  There are many agencies who specialize in this.  We are also unable to accept used plush toys because of possible insect infestation.

Soup Programs

Root vegetables (carrots, squash, turnip, beets, parsnips) (We get potatoes from Wpg Harvest so we do not need them)
Fresh vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, celery)
Frozen vegetables
canned vegetables
canned beans, chick peas, lentils (no or low sodium)
meat products (ham, ground meat, poultry)
canned tomatoes, tomato sauce (no or low sodium)
whole grains (barley, rice, brown rice, lentils (red and green)
broth (no or low sodium)

Drop in

Coffee (regular grind)
Coffee whitener
fresh or frozen milk
canned proteins
fresh vegies and fruit
peanut butter
all purpose flour

Emergency Kits

baked beans
pasta and sauce
canned fruit
dried fruit and nuts
peanut butter (smaller jars)
diapers (especially larger sizes)
Sanitary supplies for women (pads and tampons)

Special Needs

SOUP KETTLE, something which will heat soup more quickly than a crock pot and keep it warm.

Clean (aka NEW) grocery bags: at the check in, ask for some.  These are needed to package items such as mushrooms, onions and potatoes for the Food Supplement Program. Used bags are also welcome for things like canned goods.