Emergency Food Cupboard


Hunger is a persistent problem for many people in our neighbourhood.  Living on social assistance, a fixed pension income or a minimum wage job doesn’t leave any wiggle room in the budget for everyday emergencies.  People frequently have to make decisions between buying food or filling their prescriptions, paying the rent or getting their kids new shoes.  The Emergency Food Cupboard, which can be accessed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, provides some help when the cupboard is bare.  Kits are small, providing only enough food for a meal.

Kits are available on an infrequent basis, and only when there are supplies.  Recipients must present their Manitoba Health Card or an alternative piece of identification.  We are grateful to our Partner Congregations for the donations that stock the Cupboard.  People are encouraged to register for the Food Supplement Program through Winnipeg Harvest.

We periodically publish a Wish List of items needed in the Cupboard.  In general, we are always in need of canned proteins, baby food, diapers (especially larger sizes), pasta, rice and sauces. Contact us if you would like to help with this program.