Cooking Programs


Learning to Cook promotes health and well being.

Developing cooking skills and kitchen awareness is done through specific programs focused on cooking.  A variety of approaches have been offered to appeal to different kinds of people.  Successful programs include Cooking with Harvest: items from the Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank delivery are used to create easy, interesting and healthy meals.  Often the foods selected are ones that many food bank clients pass by because they are unfamiliar.  A large number of leftover butternut squash are turned into soup, a casserole and a dip for crackers.  The program participants build community and confidence and are able to take greater advantage of the foods they have access to.

Another example of a popular program is Soup Making.  Using simple, healthy and economic ingredients large pots of soup mean the group can eat together, take soup home for their families and package up serving size containers to be distributed through St. Matthews Maryland’s Emergency Pantry.  Instead of handing out canned soup, high in sodium and low in nutrition, folks are given a homemade and healthy alternative.

In addition to the programs dedicated to cooking, food preparation is an ongoing task for volunteers in the drop in where they are mentored by skilled volunteers to expand their food handling expertise and culinary knowledge.