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Friday, October 28, 2016
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry

Community Cafe: One way to work at reconciliation

A series of 5 Community Cafes (Lunch) are being planned with the purpose of bringing together residents of the inner city with people from other parts of the city just to get to know one another.  Building relationships across differences in class, culture and life experience is one of the most profound ways to fulfill our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations.

It isn’t often that those of us who are “advantaged” can come into a situation where we are empty handed, offering nothing but an openness to be friends. These lunches give that chance.  On the Emmaus road, the travelers recognized Christ in the simple breaking of the bread.  Please encourage folks in your community to come and break bread, and warn them, they will probably have a good time!

Tickets for the lunch will be sold in advance and are limited.  The meal is $1, or pay what you can (more or less).  Attendance for more than one meal is welcomed but not necessary.

A poster for wider city residents, describing the event, with full dates is available here.

Other Cafe dates:

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Friday, January 13

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Friday, March 31