Food Supplement Program


The Food Supplement Program is offered in partnership with Winnipeg Harvest every Monday serving up to 45 families each day.

To participate in the Food Supplement Program here you must register with Winnipeg Harvest.  Please visit their website for more information.

Winnipeg Harvest 204-982-3660

Registration with Winnipeg Harvest requires your health card number.  They will determine if you are eligible for the food program here or at another of their outlets. You can access the program every second week ONLY. You must have your health card with you when you come to pick up your food.

Starting at about 1:00, numbers are handed out to those people who are registered and are on Winnipeg Harvest’s list. PLEASE NOTE: Everyone on the list gets the same food, whether you are first through the line or not so you do not need to line up in advance of 1:30. Once you get your number, please do not leave the building.

Food Supplement ProgramWinnipeg Harvest sends enough food for the number of families registered for the day, but there are always some “no shows”.  To distribute food that is leftover because of the no shows, a limited number of Walk- in numbers will be distributed at 1:30. Walk-in people are served after all the registered people who have shown up by 2:30 have been served.  Walk-in numbers are only available once every two weeks.  You cannot be a Walk-in on the same day you are on the Winnipeg Harvest list. The number of numbers given out is based on the size of the shipment from Winnipeg Harvest. Once you get your number, do not leave the building.

Between 1:30 and 2:30 (approximately) people on the Winnipeg Harvest list will be served, in order by number.

Once all the people on the Winnipeg Harvest list have been served, the remaining food will be distributed to those people with a Walk-in number. Not everyone who is a Walk-in will necessarily get the same amount of food as supplies may be very limited.

Please bring bags.