Seniors Programming


Getting old happens earlier when you live in poverty

For folks living in poverty Seniors status comes at age 45.  Factors like poor nutrition, the effects of physical and mental illness and the high level of stress a life of poverty creates contribute to this reality.

Programming specifically for seniors can focus on the needs of these folks and helps to create peer community.  Popular programming includes a weekly Art Expression group in partnership with Arts City.  Participants are encouraged to find their creative heart without judgement of talent or expertise.  A light healthy lunch encourages people to relax as they share a meal together.  The volunteers who assist with the program, who are also seniors, are enriched as they find meaning by offering hospitality and expand their culinary and social skills.

Another popular program is Stress Reduction Group.  Here participants, lead by qualified instructors, test out a variety of methods to reduce their stress and anxiety: meditation, mindfulness, self-massage, stretching, singing.